Croco Dundee Necklace

Croco Dundee Necklace

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Looking rough like a crocodile, but with the gentle touch of pearls, this necklace from Dalmatian Jasper* semiprecious stones will blend in with any look.

“If I give my heart to you I’ll have none and you’ll have two”

Crocodile Dundee


Total length: 45 cm
Materials: Gold Plated Silver 925, Dalmatian jasper semiprecious stones & fresh-water cultured pearls

Each necklace is unique and the stones might differ

Gold plating: 1-2 microns

*Dalmatian jasper properties: it is a happy stone that attunes to the innocent child that resides within all of us. It reawakens a sense of fun. It grounds and centers your body.