Pearls & Rainbows Ring
Pearls & Rainbows Ring

Pearls & Rainbows Ring

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Quirky and colorful, this ring brings instant joy to your fingertips!

Strung with pearls and zirconia gemstones 


Small for ring sizes 45/46/47
Medium for ring sizes 48/49/50
Large for ring sizes 51/52/53
XLarge for ring sizes 54/55/56

Materials: Zirconia Gemstones, Pearls

Size Guide: Measure the circumference of your finger.
From 4.9-5.1cm you are a S Size
From 5.2-5.4cm you are a M Size
From 5.5-5.6cm you are a L Size
From 5.7-5.8cm you are a XL Size